Gingerbread Travelled the world

Well, as you know we took our gingerbread man on a few travels around the world and we thought we could share a few things with you.

Dubai - Pretty cool place with ultra modern architecture a city that has absolutely everything. It's bloody hot though. I miss the green nature, animals and mountains. It's sadly mostly concrete with some nature around the beaches.

Shops are amazing with everything including entertainment and more importantly air conditioning. No wonder people spend most of their time there.

The sea is super warm and very salty. Please do all your duty free shopping at the airport, it's the best value for cosmetics, perfumes, best prices!

We stayed at the Atlantis hotel and it's absolutely amazing, specially if you have kids. The waterpark is there, the aquarium, shops, restaurants, pools. It was pretty amazing experience and best way to start holidays.

Gratz - My favourite! Easy going city, laid back, has nature, has shops, lots of food, easy to walk around. Could live there anytime. Can't find anything wrong with the city. Easy transport, but you can get around on the bike or foot.

Vienna is bigger version of Gratz, big city, but so many beautiful buildings to look at. So much history. We found the best way to see the city is to do the Hop on and Hop off bus.

Paris - Big disappointment! Dirty city, nobody cares about anything there. Really expensive! Coffee costs nearly $8!!!! Crazy drivers and traffic is insane, everyone just pushes and pushes. Eiffel tower is beautiful and so are the palaces with gardens, but I would much prefer to spend time outside of Paris.

Really enjoyed staying in the typical Paris apartment that offered all the facilities like washing machine, stove, oven. So nice if kids are fussy eaters that you can cook some pasta and do laundry.

London - Ohhh I love that place! You can get absolutely anything in London, everyone has courtesy and politeness. It has it all! Beautiful buildings, food, shops, easy transport. You can just use your contactless bank card to travel. No need ticket, love it! A bit expensive and lots of people living there, but would go back again and again and again. Preferably with empty suitcase this time! :-) We stayed in Novotel hotel that was in Waterloo and so easy to get to places. Short distance to tube and bus stop at the front door.

Bangkok - I call Bangkok the new New York. Crazy busy with traffic and people everywhere. Food is super cheap and street food is amazing, no one even needs kitchen in their house, there is so much to buy to eat as you go. Crazy dirty place and smells pretty bad. People are super nice with beautiful heart. Transport is great, their metro system is super easy. Massive shopping centres that have everything and are so well designed, one of the best ones I've seen. So easy to grab different food that is freshly cooked in front of you.

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