Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to decorate one gingerbread?

Decorating is very labour intensive, it can take from 5 to 10 minutes for each shape, depending how complex the design is and how many colours are used. Some need to dry completely over night before the next layer can be added.

How long do the gingerbreads last for?

The older the better! I usually put a label on each gingerbread with use by date (6 months from the date of baking). Gingerbreads that are tied with ribbon have shorter use by date due to air getting into the bag. History says that the best gingerbreads were made for weddings from dough made when the bride was born. We are talking about 18 years old dough or more, wow!

Can you do special characters, including licensed characters and logos?

NO! Big NO, NO! I cannot sell cookies of characters or with logos without infringing copyright and trademark. Changing them slightly is also not enough. I know there are some bakers who are willing to do this, but not me! Licensed items are strictly prohibited from any type of commercial use. You can find out more by visiting

Do you bake any other flavours for people who don't like gingerbreads?

YES! I also offer my own Vanilla Sugar Cookies that are decorated same way, but I bake them on request only. All you need to do is to put a note in when ordering online at the end of the check out or simply email me with your order.

Is there a discount for bulk order?

We don't offer discount for bulk orders as each cookie is hand made. We would possibly offer small discount for orders of 1,000 cookies or more, depending on the design.

Do you bake gluten and dairy free gingerbreads as well? What about egg free and nut free?

Yes! We are able to cater for most food allergy requests, inlcuding gluten, dairy, egg free. All our products are made nut free and are made in nut free envitonment. None of our ingredients have been in contact with nuts.

How do I know that your product is really gluten free?

My Gluten Free gingerbreads have been tested and certified by DTS Food Laboratories.